Madison High School English Department


Steve Barrus, B.A. BYU, M.A. Washington State
 Mr. Barrus teaches English 10B, Sports Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, Communications 101, and coaches Track and Cross Country. 


Lauren Bearnson, B.A. BYU-Idaho 
Ms. Bearnson teaches English 10A, 10B, US Literature & English 12. 


Amy Davis, BA Boise State, M.Ed. Augustana University
Ms. Davis teaches English 10B, English 11, Mythology, US Literature and English Recovery.


Savannah (Dodd) B.A. BYU-Idaho 
Ms. Dodd teaches English 10A, 10B, English 12, and Lord of the Rings English Elective.


Amy Leatham, B.S. Utah State University, M.Ed. UOPX 

Mrs. Leatham teaches Environmental Solutions, Honors 10A, English 11, U.S. Literature, and AP English Language and Composition. 


Camille Miller, B.A. BYU-Idaho, M.Ed. ASU
Mrs. Miller teaches English 10A, English 11, English 12, Creative Writing, and U.S. Literature.


Nichole Stanford, B.S. BYU-Idaho
Mrs. Stanford teaches English 10A, English 12, Creative Writing, Yearbook, and Journalism/Bobcat Beat.


Ryan Snelgrove, B.A. BYU-Idaho, M.Ed. Walden University
Mr. Snelgrove teaches English 10A, English 12, Shakespeare, English 1101, English 1110, AP English Literature and Composition, and Student Government.


Neva Ward-Theis, B.A. BYU-Idaho, M.Ed Admin. ISU

Mrs. Theis teaches English 10A, 10B, Mythology, and Creative Writing.


Emily Withers,  B.A. BYU-Idaho , M.A. Utah State
Ms. Withers teaches English 10A, English 10B, English 11,  English 12, and Poetry.