Team 6-5

Mrs. Hammond

Melanie Hammond

Hello! I am Melanie Hammond. I love our 6th grade AIM team! I have been a resident of Rexburg for 30 years. This will be my 12th year teaching here at Madison Middle School. My passions are my family and teaching. I have three sons, seven stepchildren, and six grandchildren. I love being with my family! I enjoy playing games, being outdoors, and reading. With my family, we have ran several races together and we are always looking for the next race to do together. My oldest son is the Navy and I am so proud of his service to our country!


I LOVE teaching 6th grade! This is the age that the student’s personality comes alive and it is amazing to be a part of it! With the AIM program, it is great to have these opportunities for all levels of learners. When the student can own their work and discovery a higher level of learning, it wonderful to see the growth within the student. I am looking forward to another year here at Madison Middle School!



Ms. Lucero

Holly Lucero




Hi! I'm Holly Lucero. I am so excited to be a part of the 6th Grade AIM Team here at Madison Middle School. Teaching and children are my passions in life! I am a mother to four amazing children who are my sunshine. I love the outdoors and exploring the wonderful world we all live in. I enjoy cooking all types of ethnic food. Being creative in the kitchen is one of our family's favorite past times. I also enjoy playing the piano and singing. Music is a big part of my life and I frequently look for opportunities to use it in the classroom. I consider myself very blessed to have landed in this wonderful community and school. I feel 6th Grade is a great time of change in a child's life as they teeter between childhood and entering into adolescence. What a privilege it is to be a part of these students' lives during this time.

My teaching philosophy is that a classroom must be a place where every person is respected and feels safe to explore the questions that naturally occur in our minds. I am a huge proponent in discovery learning and implement teaching methods in the classroom which allow students to OWN their own education. I love guiding students on a daily basis as they come to discover for themselves the delight that can be had by all when we are willing to explore and ask hard questions. I believe this is when true growth happens for the individual and in the classroom. I use a lot of cross-curriculum activities in the classroom and love that the AIM program allows and even encourages this. I strongly believe there is no one student who is like another and feel that the best educational experiences occur when we differentiate and structure education with the individual in mind. I'm looking forward to the journeys we will all take together.