Team 5-5

Mrs. Boggetti

Lori Boggetti


Hello, I’m Mrs. Boggetti. Teaching is my passion.  I love teaching the 5th Grade A.I.M. class where I can integrate challenging curriculum to extend learning.   Students in this class take on the challenge of doing both 5th and 6th grade math in one year.  In my classroom, we are a learning community where we spend our days working hard, having fun, and helping each other learn and grow. 

I believe that appropriate and nurturing relationships are essential for a classroom to be truly effective. I focus on building and maintaining those relationships each day.  I welcome and encourage parent involvement.

When I’m not teaching, I enjoy spending time with my husband and our family. We’re fortunate to have all of our 5 children and 8 grandchildren here in eastern Idaho.  I also enjoy reading, sewing, knitting, riding bikes, playing golf, hiking and driving around in one of our old Jeeps. My husband, Jack, and I enjoy living in Rexburg and being close to family.



Mr. Durfee

Ryan Durfee



Learning and teaching are two of my greatest passions, hobbies, and joys. With more than a dozen close relatives who teach or have taught in public schools, I'm proud of and grateful for the rich tradition and heritage I enjoy. I love to read, am obsessed with America's history, and am fascinated by mathematical and scientific processes and thinking. Continuing to develop my understanding of how we learn and tapping into the most effective instructional and motivational practices are some of my greatest ambitions.

I have a beautiful family. My wife, Emily, and I are both from Rexburg. We have five wonderful and hard-working children and a life full of laughter, work, reading, music, sports, carpentry, outdoor recreation, board games, gardening, service, and joy. 

The AIM program is structured and designed to meet the unique needs of the students we teach. The program's goals include helping students develop the kind of habits that will lead to success in their schooling and throughout their lives; providing a save, constructive community where students can learn to work as a team and take the kind of individual risks that lead to tremendous growth; inspiring a passion for hard work and a curiosity for learning; helping students see outside of themselves and recognize their roles and opportunities for service in a larger community; and providing a very difficult (yet thrilling) educational environment for those who yearn to stretch themselves to new heights.

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