Mrs. Harrell

Rebecca Harrell


Rebecca George Harrell is a Texas native who received her bachelor degree in music education with choral emphasis at Brigham Young University in 1990 and her M.M at Boston University in 2010. She has performed as member and soloist with a variety of choirs such as the BYU Concert Choir, Women’s Choir and the Mormon Choir of Washington DC, taught private/group voice and conducted numerous choirs. She is the mother of six amazing children and the wife of the equally amazing Jack Harrell.

General Music Course Description: Students will sing, play instruments, listen to and evaluate music, learn basic music notation and understand music in relation to history and culture. One in-school performance required per trimester.

Choir Course Description:  Students will sing a varied repertoire of unison and two part songs, know and demonstrate the principles of singing and develop sightreading and eartraining skills.  At least one concert performance outside of class time is required per trimester. 


Mrs. Blackwood

Susanna Blackwood



5th Grade Band Course Description: This is our beginning band. Students will learn how to play an instrument of their choosing from the Woodwind family (flute, oboe, bassoon, clarinet, saxophone) or Brass family (trumpet, trombone, French horn, baritone, tuba). Students will also learn the basics of music reading, music theory, and performance. Students are required to practice outside of class and will perform in an evening concert each trimester. Students should rent or buy an instrument from a local music store and keep their instrument in good repair. The school also has a limited supply of instruments that may be rented. Students should have their instrument by the second week of school. Required book (may be purchased at local music stores or online): Tradition of Excellence Book 1.

6th Grade Band Course Description: This class will build upon the basics learned in 5th grade band. While most students in this band have already played for a year, this class is open to all students, including those who have not played previously! Students will focus on learning skills that will improve instrumental performance and help them work together as an ensemble. This class includes the Percussion family of instruments. Percussion enrollment is limited, so students interested in percussion should talk with Mrs. Thackery about the audition process during their 5th grade year. Students are required to practice outside of class and will perform in an evening concert each trimester as well as in a band festival in April. Students should rent or buy an instrument from a local music store and keep their instrument in good repair. The school also has a limited supply of instruments that may be rented. Required books (may be purchased at local music stores or online):Tradition of Excellence, Book 2 and Foundations for Superior Performance. Students should bring their instrument on the first day of school.

Check out our band website:




Mrs. Loveland

Mrs. Loveland





Ariel Loveland is a passionate musician and educator. She attended Brigham Young University-Idaho on a music scholarship. She was a Concerto Competition winner and a Concertmaster at BYU-Idaho. She graduated in 2010 with a Bachelor’s degree in Music Education and enjoyed teaching Orchestra and Choir in the Shelley School District for three years. Ariel has had the opportunity to share the stage with countless professional musicians as a violinist and conductor in various countries across the globe. In 2015 she became the first Assistant Conductor of the Idaho Falls Youth Symphony. In November of 2015 Ariel released a professional album that has been downloaded worldwide. She loves being the Madison Middle School/Junior High Orchestra teacher and is grateful for the continual love and support of her husband and three children.

Class Description:

Fifth Grade Orchestra: This class is fun and fulfilling! Students learn to play a string instrument of their choice: violin, viola, cello or bass. Students learn to read music and play beautifully together. Students will learn music theory, history and ear training. Practice is required to create proper technique and position. Students will perform in enjoyable concerts for the community.

Sixth Grade Orchestra: This class is inspiring! Students develop musical skills on a string instrument of choice: violin, viola, cello or bass. They become proficient music readers and ensemble players. Students also learn music theory, history and ear training. Practice is expected and creates students who excel in the arts. Students will perform in concerts for the school and community.












Young Engineering

Course Description:  In Young Engineers, students will learn basic computer science and programming concepts while they work on the Raspberry Pi Linux computers. They will be introduced to basic electronics on solder-less circuit boards, and be able to work with Lego Mindstorm robots near the end of the course. 5th Grade students will work with the program Scratch (version 1.4), while 6th Grade students will work with Python and Arduino programming languages.


Miss Bone


Miss Bone



Tiana Godfrey




Art 1

Course Description:  Students will be engaged in a variety of different art mediums, cultures, and creative expressions. The art programs seeks to cultivate an atmosphere of community through collaborative projects and activities. Each student will learn the basic elements and principles of design through inquiry and discovery methods of learning. Students will develop a deeper sense of art appreciation by creating personal meaning and application.









Course Description:  As part of the Encore Health Course, she is excited to be teaching a variety of materials including stress management, basic anatomy and body awareness, nutrition, and making healthy choices.




Mr. Ferguson


Greg Ferguson




Course Description:  Students will deliver morning announcements to their peers through our very own morning broadcasting show. Students in the broadcasting class will perform research and write scripts, determining what news will be shared with their peers. Students will also become familiar with technology associated with broadcasting, including camera, microphones, lighting, and teleprompters, all while using a live editing program called Switcher Studio.




Profesora Crider


Profesora Crider






¡Hola! My name is Cynthia Crider. I grew up in Washington D.C, and was raised speaking both English and Spanish. My mother is from Guatemala and she raised my brother and I to have a love and knowledge of where our family came from. I love Dr. Pepper, The Office, taco runs with my husband, and trying new foods. I studied Spanish in middle and high school from fabulous teachers that inspired me to want to become one myself. I wanted to help people learn not only to love the language but also my culture. I studied Spanish Education and Teaching English as a Second language at BYU-Idaho. Before graduating, I worked as a SPED Paraprofessional for Madison Middle School and fell in love with the school's culture and the students. I completed my student  in April 2019. I was offered a chance to return to MMS and I could not pass it. I feel very honored to start the Dual-Immersion reading program for our students. I am excited to work with your student!



Course Description:  Students will learn the basics of the Spanish language and about various countries and cultures of Latin America.


Students will be able to: 

  • Present information about the cultures they learn about in class
  • Communicate in spontaneous spoken and written conversation
  • Work in groups to create and present dialogues
  • Create crafts that pertain to the different countries and cultures
  • Participate in culture celebration and learn its significance
  • Be able to communicate and express themselves in survival spanish


Mrs. Miles

Debbie Miles



Physical Education

My name is Debbie Miles and I will be teaching Physical Education at Madison Middle School. I was born in San Jose, California and have had the privilege of living in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Mexico City, Mexico; Brookfield, Connecticut; and Hollister, California.  I graduated from BYU - Provo with my Physical Education degree and Spanish teaching minor. My husband, Matt, and I met in college and we have four children.  We are a very active family in sports and in the community.  It is my pleasure to know many of the children in the district since I have taught P.E. for the past ten years at the following elementary schools:  Archer, Burton, Lincoln, and Kennedy.  Additionally, I taught part-time at BYU-Idaho for the past four years in the Education Department and coached soccer for fifteen years. Currently, I serve as the President of Rexburg Soccer and a member of the City's Recreation Advisory Board. My philosophy is simple, "Be a friend and get active!" I would like to lead students in activities that are fun, inclusive, highly active, and integrate academic and wellness concepts. Our school is a strong advocate of the Fuel up to Play 60 program that encourages and provides opportunities for our students to make better nutritional food choices and to be active for 60 minutes a day.   


Course Description:  This course is designed to provide students with a positive movement experience that will last a lifetime. Instructional emphasis will meet Idaho and National Physical Education Content Standards. Areas of focus will include fitness challenges from the five health-fitness related components: flexibility, cardiovascular fitness, muscular strength & endurance and body composition. Additionally, this class is designed to help students apply motor skills, gain appreciation and understanding for personal wellness behaviors including social skills.