4th Grade

Mrs. Barton

Sharee Barton

I think my passion for teaching is genetic. My grandfather, Owen Anderson, was a master teacher. Not only did he teach in the classroom, but every time I was with him he took the opportunity to provide learning experiences from everyday life surroundings. He taught me that life is for learning. 

I grew up in California and Utah. I have four children, who all claim Rexburg as home (even though 3 of them were born in Salt Lake City, Utah), and 4 darling grandchildren who brings a lot of joy to my husband, Tyler, and me.

Like my grandfather understood, learning is more than what we gain from the school curriculum. In the A.I.M. classroom we will not only be studying 4th grade standards, but also character traits that help support us for future challenges and opportunities. To get a feel for our energetic 4th grade classroom at the middle school go to: http://barton4thgrade.weebly.com/