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Madison Online Overview

August 16, 2020

Overview of the School/Program

Madison Online is a fully accredited school for students in Grades K-12 that is a part of Madison

School District. Curriculum for Madison Online is delivered through the Schoology learning

management system, and all curriculum has been customized and aligned to both Idaho and

Madison School District educational standards and requirements. All teachers at Madison Online are

fully certified, highly-qualified teachers currently teaching in classrooms at various schools

throughout the district.

The learning model is largely asynchronous, or self-paced. While they are self-paced, a

recommended pacing guide will be provided by the teachers. Courses will begin and end in line with

the school district’s trimester schedule, and are designed to take a full, 12-week trimester. Highly

motivated students may finish a class earlier than 12 weeks.

Can my child start learning full-time online, and then switch to live delivery classes at some

point in the school year?

Yes. To ensure a smooth transition from one school to another, all such changes will need to take

place at a time approved by administration, typically at the beginning of a new trimester.

What blended learning options are available? What does that look like? Can my child enroll

part-time live and part-time online?

Yes, blended learning options are available. Each blended learning scenario should be discussed and

approved by your child’s principal or school counselor. Blended learning options are available at

both the elementary and the secondary level.

Every child lives in unique circumstances and we are hesitant to describe what blended learning will

look like as this will be determined through discussions between the parent and administration or

counselors. Most often, however, we see blended learning options looking one of three ways:

1) having your child attend their home school for part of the day and having them work online

for the remainder of their classes/subjects,

2) a student who is exposed to the COVID-19 virus who needs to stay home from school for a

couple of weeks but then return to school after they are no longer at-risk, or

3) a student who is exposed to the COVID-19 virus who will miss school for an extended

period and needs to completely switch from live to online classes.

Some parents have asked if it is possible to have their child attend, for example, only on Monday,

Wednesday, and Friday, then work at home online on Tuesday and Thursday. While we are open for

discussion, having your child attend on some days of the week but not others would be difficult.

That type of blended learning model would be difficult to execute without being detrimental to your

child’s education and would create unrealistic pressure on the teacher.

If a student is enrolled in a blended situation, any necessary mid-day transportation must be

provided by the family. Buses will only run at the beginning and end of the school day.

Questions and Answers

For example, an 11th Grade student may want to continue to participate in the orchestra but take the

rest of their courses online. That student would enroll at Madison High School for that single class,

and then also enroll at Madison Online for the remainder of their classes.

At the elementary level, a family may want to customize their child’s schedule so they take math live

at the school, but enroll for other subjects online. That will be possible.

Again, since the time at which each subject is taught varies from grade to grade and school to

school, arranging a blended schedule needs to be done with your child’s school principal or a school


What does Madison Online cost?

There is no fee for registering full-time at Madison Online. For blended schedules (where the

student is taking courses both online and live) fees that are charged at the home school may still


How do I enroll online either full-time or part-time?

For Grades K-6, all enrollment begins at your home school. After meeting with your school’s

principal or counselor, you will be put in contact with our elementary level online instructional

coach, Mary Robinson, who will complete the enrollment process.

For Grades 7-12, if you wish to enroll part-time live and part-time online, you should start by

meeting with your school counselor or administrator. Following that meeting, you will be directed to

Central High School (where our online school is housed) to complete the registration process.

For Grades 7-12, if you plan to enroll full-time online you may come directly to Central High

School. General registration will be Monday-Wednesday, August 17-19, 2020, from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

What if my child has questions while taking an online class? Can they visit with their

teachers in person?

Yes, one of the positive things about Madison Online is that all our teachers are here in Rexburg. In

addition to communication through Schoology, email, or phone, online teachers will also be available

by appointment or during office hours to give help in person.

Are we able to check out Chromebooks or other materials from the school to use at home?

Yes. Like last spring, Chromebooks are available to check out from the schools. Other materials not

readily available (for example, some elementary level literacy books) may also be checked out from

the district. Other costs incurred from taking online classes, however, will be the responsibility of

the family. For example, a student may have a lab experiment in the science class using basic home


Can my child participate in extracurricular activities at their home school if they are taking

classes online? Can they still purchase an activity card at their home school?

Yes. The extent and scope to which extracurricular activities are available will depend on the

program and school, but most extracurricular activities are available including participation in

programs, teams, or groups. Yes, an activity card may be purchased at their home school even if a

student enrolls full-time online.

What if my child contracts the COVID-19 virus partway through a trimester?

In all such cases, you should meet with your building principal to make them immediately aware and

to create a plan for your child.

Depending on how many days the student anticipates missing school, most students will participate

in one of two options. If a student anticipates missing ten or fewer school days, they will stay

enrolled at their home school and their classroom teachers will make curriculum and assignments

available to them through our Schoology learning management system.

If it is anticipated that the student will be out for more than ten days, it is possible for a student to

switch mid-trimester from live to fully online courses. Since the scope and sequence for our online

courses are aligned with the scope and sequence of our live-delivery classes, the child will be able to

pick up their online courses at the point their live-delivery courses ended and will not be expected to

repeat curriculum they have already completed in live-delivery class. Since not every class is available

online, some schedule adjustments may be required. Once a child moves from live to online classes,

they will need to stay enrolled online for the rest of the trimester. When the new trimester begins,

the student will be able to return to their live-delivery classroom.

What classes are offered through Madison Online?

A full list is of what we be available as of August 26, 2020, is included at the end of this document.

We will initially work to ensure required courses are available, but then plan to add significantly to

the number of offerings. In the future, please check with your home school for the most up-to-date


My child has an Individual Learning Program (IEP). Can they still enroll online?

Yes. To enroll online, however, a change of placement recommendation needs to be approved by

your child’s IEP team per federal law. Online courses with accommodations are available for

students with an IEP.

If my child finishes all graduation requirements, what school will their diploma be issued


After meeting all graduation requirements including state-required assessments and the senior

project, a student will receive their diploma from the school at which they have completed the

highest number of credits. This may be Madison High School, Central High School, or Madison

Online High School.

I don’t live in Madison School District boundaries. Can I still enroll at Madison Online?

Yes, though partial enrollment is not available. Out-of-boundary students must enroll for three or

more courses online and register as students of Madison School District.

Where do I learn more?

For more information, please contact your individual school’s administration, counselors, or

member of the Madison Online staff, below:

Mike Bennett (bennettm@msd321.com), Principal

Andrew Pena (apena@msd321.com), Counselor

Mary Robinson (robinsonm@msd321.com), Online Instructional Coach for Elementary (K-6)

Cherri Hart (hartc@msd321.com), Online Instructional Coach for Secondary (7-12)

Darnea Lamb (lambd@msd321.com), Director of Data, Assessment, and Accountability

Madison Online Course Offerings

(Updated: August 15, 2020)

Elementary Courses (Grades K-6)

• English Language Arts

o Kindergarten

o 1st Grade

o 2nd Grade

o 3rd Grade

o 4th Grade

o 5th Grade

o 6th Grade

• Mathematics

o Kindergarten

o 1st Grade

o 2nd Grade

o 3rd Grade

o 4th Grade

o 5th Grade

o 6th Grade

• Social Studies

o 4th Grade

o 5th Grade

o 6th Grade

• Science

o 4th Grade

o 5th Grade

o 6th Grade

• Idaho History (3rd Trimester only)

o 4th Grade

Secondary Courses (Grades 7-12)

• Mathematics (6 credits required for graduation, including two during senior year)

o Algebra 1 A&B*

o Algebra 2 A&B

o Basic Algebra 1 A&B

o Consumer Math A&B

o Financial Literacy

o Geometry A&B*

o Math 7 A&B

o Math 8 A&B

• English Language Arts (8 credits required for graduation)

o Creative Writing

o Language Arts 7 A&B

o Language Arts 8 A&B

o Language Arts 9 A&B*

o Language Arts 10 A&B*

o Language Arts 11 A&B*

o Language Arts 12 A&B*

• Science (6 credits required for graduation, including 4 lab based credits)

o Anatomy and Physiology A&B

o Biology A&B

o Chemistry A&B

o Earth Science A&B

o Earth and Space Science A&B

o Life Science A&B

o Physical Science A&B

o Science 7 A&B

• Social Studies (5 credits required for graduation)

o American Government A&B*

o American History A&B*

o Economics*

o Social Studies 7 A&B

o Social Studies 8 A&B

o World History A&B

• Electives (17-21 credits required for graduation, depending on the school)

o Child Development

o Psychology A&B

o Sociology

• Career Electives (Speech required for graduation)

o Speech

• Health and Physical Education (8 credits required for graduation)

o Health

o Physical Education A&B

* Required for graduation in Idaho. Additional requirements include a senior project, the taking of a

college entrance exam (ACT or SAT), and passing the civics test.

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