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Start With Hello Week 2020 - EXTENDED!

Start with Hello



We are excited to announce that Start With Hello Activities have been EXTENDED! We would like to let this kindness spread and build steam leading into WORLD KINDNESS DAY on November 13.  Kindness is contagious! It spreads.

Help us spread it! 



 Hidden Kindness, ROCKS! STILL OVER 50 ROCKS LEFT! (t-shirt prize, one rock per person) 75 rocks hidden around town. Find one and bring it in to the Madison Education Center 60 West Main for a t-shirt Monday-Friday 8am-4pm. 

Kindness Rocks



– Top Secret Mission: Kindness is Contagious. This activity will be specifically for the middle school, the jr. high and high school. The invitation will also be extended to the community. The Top Secret Mission is to have more kindness than COVID. In other words, more acts of kindness done in the week through the secret missions than we have active COVID cases in our community. You can pick up your mission from the office of your school or from the Madison Education Center 60 W. Main for community members. You may also request a mission virtually through email topsecretkindness@msd321.com or by filling out this request form

Kindness missions



– Kindness Grows Here: This activity is for all of the elementary schools and middle school. A tree stump will be attached to the wall near the entry or office. Each teacher will be given colored paper. We are asking that they have their students trace their hand and cut it out or a heart and cut it out. While doing this, talk to them about what being kind looks like and how they can make kindness grow in their schools, in their families and in the community. Then, depending on the age, you can have them write their name, or write an act of kindness they agree to do. Hopefully by the end of the week, each small act will grow your school’s tree into a beautiful full tree.

Kindness grows here


– Pick up a coloring sheet at your school or at the MEC. Color your masterpiece and then return it to us so we can spread the love and beauty! (10 coloring pages will be picked to mount and frame for our buildings) 

Kindness coloring


– For 21 Days, Practice these 5 Simple Steps to Help Change Your Life Lens 

A challenge to teachers, parents and community members. Harvard research.

1. Gratitude –

List three things each day for 21 days that you are grateful for. Don’t just think of them, either write them down somewhere, or verbalize them to someone. 

2. Positive experiences –

Journal one positive experience you have each day. 

3. Exercise- 

Get at least 20 minutes of exercise every day. This can simply be briskly walking around the house for 20 min.  

4.  Mindfulness- 

Each day, practice at least 3 minutes of mindful exercises like mediation, yoga or just simply stretching your body.  Be present in the moment. 

5. Service- 

Each day, take part in one intentional act of kindness. Focusing on how you can help will in turn help you. 

21 Day Challenge



– Send us a video of you telling us a time when kindness has affected your life. When you submit a video, it is an entry into a drawing. We will choose 3 random winners on November 13. When your kindness video is posted, each time it is shared or liked, that gives you another entry. 

Prizes included a laptop, a kids tablet and a gift card. Submit videos to hellomadison@msd321.com or to our Facebook Private Messenger. 

Making Kindness Contagious



-Send us a ‘Hello-a-Gram” 

Send us a video of you, your class, your family, team or business saying hello (in any language). We will pick 10 random videos as winners on November 13th. Prizes will include t-shirts and gift cards!Submit videos to hellomadison@msd321.com or to our Facebook Private Messenger. 




-Kindness Krews: Watch for our hello kindness krews around town. Make some posters, recruit some friends, colleagues, or your family and start your own kindness krew! Bring a smile to a strangers face as they drive by and see you! 

Kindness Krews


– Follow the Hello Around the Globe facebook group and help us get a ‘Hello’ from someone in all 50 States as well as 50 Countries!


Around the Globe

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